«Грамматика и лексика» 1

For items 1–10, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a new word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).
Cash rewards are a common form of (0)___ used by parents (MOTIVATE)
1with high to encourage their children to work hard at exam EXPECT
2time. Some youngsters receive of as much as £100 for each.PAY
3A grade they obtain. But should such ‘bribes’ be based on exam or should they, as many parents and teachers feel, bePERFORM
4offered in of a child’s effort, regardless of results?RECOGNIZE
5The latter approach would solve the problem of how parents reward children with different levels of ; imagine, for example, a familyABLE
6with one child who is gifted and another who has learning ACADEMY
7. The dangers of result-related incentives for the second child are clear; with little hope of obtaining the higher grades, the withholding DIFFICULT
8of promised rewards would only compound the child’s feeling FINANCE
9of . However, some leading educational psychologists believe FAIL
10that parents should rely on their own in such matters. They maintain that if parents know that money will motivate their child, then they should not be condemned for operating a system of cash payouts. JUDGE