Task 1

Read the text below and choose the word that fits best for each space. The first one is done for you.

Life on Jupiter’s Icy Moon

Example answer: 0 - A
A-largest B-larger C-large D-much larger

Jupiter is the (0) _________ planet in our solar system. It (1) __________ up of many different kinds of gases. It is (2) __________ big that 1,300 Earths (3) __________ fit inside Jupiter! It also has 63 moons. Some of (4) ________ moons are like small planets, and (5) __________ are pieces of frozen rock and ice. Studying Jupiter’s moons has helped scientists (6) ___________ more about the solar system. But the moon that scientists (7) __________ in most is Europa.
The conditions on Europa (8) __________ it the most likely place in the solar system, (9) ________ Earth, to have life. It (10) __________ in a layer of ice, and some scientists believe a liquid ocean lies (11) __________ the icy surface. If this is true, Europa may have simple forms of life in (12) _________ oceans. The creatures on Europa would probably be (13) ___________ to see without a microscope. But the idea of (14) ____________ at all living on Europa is very exciting.
Right now, we cannot (15) __________ Europa because it is too cold and too far away to send people (16) _________ . The spacecrafts and robots we have are not (17) ________ to land on the surface. But scientists have big plans. In the future, they hope to send one robot to melt some of the ice on Europa’s surface, and (18) ________ robot to swim through its oceans. (19) ________ information that these robots gather could change what we (20) ________ about life on Earth.