Part 1
Listening (10 minutes)
Maximum points – 10

For items 1–10, listen to a radio talk for young people about astrology, and decide whether the statements 1–10 are TRUE according to the text you hear, or FALSE, or the information on the statement is NOT STATED in the text. You will hear the text twice.
1. The movement of stars determines people’s lives.
2. Most people have no faith in astrology.
3. Should they decide on a serious issue, a small percentage of people are likely to turn to the stars.
4. Simon agrees with psychologists on the influence of a person’s time of birth on their personality.
5. The time of birth remains a defining factor throughout the whole life.
6. A statistical comparison between the person’s choice of career and their star sign is the most effective tool in predicting future events in their life.
7. More than 15 % of entertainers were born in the second half of summer.
8. Spring is a favourable period for travelling and finances.
9. People in financial professions are connected with one particular star sign.
10. Technological advances have reduced the influence of nature on us.