Вы услышите 5 высказываний. Для каждого высказывания выберите правильный ответ из четырёх предложенных. Прослушайте текст два раза.
Choose the right sentence about Speaker 1.
1) His favourite thing is useful for different things.
2) He is always allowed to use his favourite thing during meal times.
3) His favourite thing is not convenient to carry.
4) His mum encourages him to use his favourite thing more often.
The second speaker’s cat .
1) is big
2) is very quiet
3) enjoys spending time with its owner
4) behaves independently
Speaker 3 .
1) gets to college on foot
2) has problems with parking
3) understands the dangers connected with using his favourite thing
4) enjoys freedom when he does not use his favourite thing
Speaker 4 .
1) never buys second-hand clothes
2) is fond of designing clothes
3) prefers sewing by hand
4) does not think it is a good idea to start her own business
Speaker 5 .
1) took up his hobby after watching a TV programme
2) cooks dinner for his friends every week
3) believes that his hobby is not expensive
4) was taught to cook by his parents