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Олимпиада 21-22 по английскому языку 7-8 школьный этап

Выполните два задания по чтению к одному английскому тексту. Ответы автоматизированы. Их можно увидеть, нажав на кнопку Check. Ко второму заданию перейдите по стрелке. Если нужны задания по Listening и Use of English, перейдите по ссылкам. 

Part 2
Reading (25 minutes)
Maximum points – 10
Read the text below and do the tasks after it.

Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans

(1) Hurricane Katrina has been called one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States. (2) When the storm struck in 2005, no place was harder hit than New Orleans, Louisiana. (3) The wind tore off roofs and wooden siding like it was peeling an orange. (4) Then, the worst disaster of all happened.

(5) New Orleans is about five feet below sea level. (6) A series of levees protect the city from flood waters that might come in from lakes and the ocean. (7) But on August 29 and 30 the levees broke, and water flowed into the city. (8) Soon 80 percent of the city was covered in filthy water. (9) The water tossed cars around like toys, and homes floated from one place to another.

(10) After the storm, there was no drinking water or electricity. (11) There was little food and no way to get around except by boat. (12) The storm snuffed out the life of the city like it was blowing out a candle.

(13) Many people left New Orleans before the storm, but others did not. (14) Some older people wanted to stay and brave the storm while they had with Hurricane Betsy forty years earlier. (15) Others were too poor to pay for transportation out of harm’s way. (16) Many people watched the storm on television.

(17) People crowded together in the Superdome sports stadium and the New Orleans convention center for safety. (18) Others sought high places like highway overpasses and bridges. (19) When the storm ended, everyone had to be bused or flown out of the city until it was safe to return. (20) Many people from New Orleans moved to other parts of the United States until their city could be put back together.




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