Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Halloween was over. Jessie (NOT/LIKE) this holiday very much but her younger brothers loved it. Jessie entered the kitchen. She saw that several pumpkins were left from the holiday. It was a shame to throw (THEY) away. Jessie sighed. Suddenly she got an idea: “I know what to do”, she thought to herself, “ I (MAKE) a pumpkin pie.” That night Jessie baked her pie.
When her mum (COME) into the kitchen, the pie was ready. “Wow! That sure smells yummy!” said she. The pumpkin pie was a real success. Jеssiе managеd to savе only two piеcеs for Mrs. Johnson, thеir nеighbour. “Oh, Jеssiе, this is thе (GOOD) piе I’vе еver tried. Thank you!” said Mrs. Johnson. “I wish I (CAN) make such delicious pies myself! By the way, we are having an annual Harvest Fair next Saturday. Could you make one more pie for the event?” Jessie made two pumpkin pies, and they sold them at the fair very quickly. All the people, especially the (CHILD), were delighted.
Jessie’s pumpkin pies became so popular that she started making them for special events, like flower shows and birthday parties. Her pies (CALL) the pies from the “Pumpkin