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ЕГЭ 2013 Аудирование А8-А14

В тесте использованы материалы демо версии ЕГЭ  2013. Задание А8-А14 (высокий уровень, формат Multiple Choice) представляет собой пример аудирования с полным пониманием. Здесь также проверяется умение определять причинно-следственные связи, делать выводы, понимать отношение говорящего к событиям и действующим лицам.

Вы услышите интервью. В заданиях А8–А14 выберите цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа. Прослушайте запись дважды.

  1. A8 What’s the main role of English in India according to the speaker?
    1) Enabling communication between the country’s peoples.
    2) Serving as the language of Indian Mass Media.
    3) Connecting India with the rest of the world.
  2. A9 Which of the following is TRUE about Indian English?
    1) It has specific features in grammar as well as in vocabulary and phonetics.
    2) It exists only in local newspapers.
    3) It’s similar to Australian English.
  3. A10 What, according to the speaker, partly explains the specifics of Indian English?
    1) Education traditions in India.
    2) Indian history and culture.
    3) Structure of local languages.
  4. A11 Which of the following is mentioned as a grammatical feature of Indian English?
    1) Use of a plural form of a certain word in relation to a single object.
    2) Avoiding use of the progressive tense.
    3) Overuse of the definite article.
  5. A12 Which of the following phrases is used in Indian English for “How can I help you?”?
    1) Where are you put up?
    2) Hello, what do you want?
    3) Tell me …
  6. A13 What does the speaker say about the language of Indian teenagers?
    1) It makes Indian English more modern.
    2) It’s devised to confuse older people.
    3) It consists of slang mostly.
  7. A14 What’s the basic direction of changes in modern Indian English according to the speaker?
    1) Purification.
    2) Simplification.
    3) Localization.



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